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Society Missile Rules Ansteorran Marshals Ansteorran Thrown Weapons Canton of Chemin Noir
Ivy   Thrown Weapons Interkingdom Competition




Introducing  : IKCAC Practice :

Normal start time will be 12:00 pm

Normal end time will be 1.00 pm

Every Sunday


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: Thrown Weapons Practice :

Range is Open

Normal start time will be 12:00 noon

Normal end time will be 2:00 pm

Every Sunday


 Need Directions ??


: Archery Practice  :
Currently Being Held Every Sunday At 2:30pm
At 9737 W. 61st Street S. Sapulpa ,Ok . 74066


Unless Of Course I'm Away At An Event....
 If In Doubt  Please Call First  =
( 918 ) 246 - 7170
        (And leave message)

Please Wear Appropriate Foot Wear .
 your dealing with nature .

: Children's Archery Practice :

Currently Held Every Sunday

Normal Start Time will be 1:00 PM

Normal End Time will be  2:15

Range Is Open


There Shall be a Period Style Novice Archery Tourney

Held at the Canton of Chemin Noir's upcoming ( November 15 2014)

Saturnalia Event !!

The Prize for this Prize Tourney Shall be a Period Style Longbow.

Details: 43# @ 28" Bamboo backed IPE limbs with handle composed of  Bloodwood, Purpleheart, Osage and Red Oak.      ( for pictures please see the Arts and Sciences link below )

Tourney is open to  Novice Archers:1: never won any adult archery tourney / shoot / prize.
( with a bow, past crossbow champions who wish to compete with a bow may compete as long as they meet all other requirements with a bow ( and plan to shoot the prize if they win it )
( past children's champions may compete if they meet all other requirements ) ( and plan to shoot the prize if they win it )

2: shoots at a Ansteorran Royal Round "Bowman" level  ( 44.99) or below. or for those who have no opportunity , or choose not to shoot Royal Rounds , we will be on the honor system.
if you believe that you are a novice, and your fellow archers believe you are a novice then you are probably a novice. it is on your honor, and the honor of those you represent.
( for new to the sca people, if you are good enough with a bow to bow hunt, you would not qualify as a novice )

Please ,Anyone competing for the bow must plan on shooting the bow if they win it.

I would hate to see this bow wind up in a garage, a closet, a shed, not being used or even worse on ebay !!

Aprox. Retail Value of Bow is between $400.00 and $600.00

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